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Las Vegas Beacon

  • Our vision is to claim Las Vegas as the international sports capital of the world and to bring the city a dynamic sports playground.

  • The capacity is 25,000 fixed, with the flexibility to expand to 40,000 through clubs and suites.

  • A unique design allows for a 2-in-1 venue with a 25,000-capacity main stadium and a 5,000-capacity event space simultaneously.

  • A supplementary stadium to the larger Allegiant stadium, eligible to host cricket, soccer and Rugby World Cup matches and other major international events.

  • A world-class community-based venue for Las Vegas youth and high school and collegiate national/club championships.

  • A headquarters for NGBs and international federations.

  • The only regulation cricket/AFL stadium on the continent with a capacity greater than 10,000.


Las Vegas Desert Dogs

The Desert Dog represents all that Las Vegas Lacrosse embodies – scrappy and cunning, friendly but fierce, and powerful alone but unstoppable as a pack. Desert Dogs Lacrosse moves fast and innovates quickly. We operate with a pack mentality, which means we look after our own -- especially our community here in Las Vegas.


x+y Market Intelligence

x+y has built a bespoke data platform, and utilized data to lead and advise teams within major sports organizations worldwide. x+y Market Intelligence advisory will evaluate the data to highlight key results and insights for their clients.

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